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We can help eligible early-stage climatetech companies find and derisk their next key hire by arranging a trial project with a person from our pool of qualified candidates. 

C-Level Matching


A critical aspect of bringing technologies to market is finding the right team members. The ClimateTech Expertise Network helps to identify, recruit, evaluate, and match talent with key roles at early stage climate tech companies.


Candidates that are matched with a company start with a 3-4 month trial project at no cost to the client company. During the trial, integration coaching is also available to help with communicating with new team members, negotiating compensation, and legally hiring employees. 

The first step for startups and candidates interested in our talent matching is to complete an application. 

Step 1

Submit an application

Step 2

We introduce key hire candidate(s) to startups

Step 3

Company interviews candidates

Step 4 

Define trial project with selected candidate

Step 5 

Work with integration coaches during 3-4 month trial

Step 6 

Decide future role of candidate post-trial project

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