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There are many different stakeholders in the New York State climate technology ecosystem. For example, startup companies, incubators, accelerators, investors, and EIRs. Some of the nodes are part of large networks, some are more isolated in smaller networks. The CLN is a centralized Slack discussion and connectivity hub for everyone in the climate tech ecosystem, with the focus on activity in New York State.

What can I use this community for?

  • Ask for and share resources, ideas, contacts, job postings, funding opportunities, and more

  • Find opportunities for partnership and collaboration

  • Promote events and initiatives that are relevant to the community

  • Share success stories and news

  • Share best practices

  • Build the NY climate tech ecosystem community

Who can participate?

  • NYSERDA portfolio companies: defined as any company that is currently participating in, or has graduated from, a NYSERDA-supported program

  • Administrators and staff of NYSERDA-supported programs

  • NYSERDA EIRs and mentors for NYSERDA-supported programs

  • Other NYS climate tech companies as approved by CLN's administrators

How can I join the conversation?

You can submit a brief application to join the network below.

Office Conference
Peer Groups



Struggling with a business decision?
Preparing for a big opportunity? 

Looking for more trusted peers? 

Being a  startup founder can be exhausting and lonely - but you don't have to do it all alone! Get support from a Peer Group!

Chances are some of your peers are going through similar challenges or opportunities. The Peer Groups initiative leverages these shared experiences to provide additional support and community to participants!

Peer Groups are comprised of 6-8 members, matched based on shared criteria such as sector, stage of commercialization, background of founders, and more! Groups are also assessed for any potential conflicts of interest. Members meet virtually once a month to discuss challenges and business opportunities and get feedback and support from the group.  Meetings are facilitated through an easy-to-use software program that provides structure, tracks next steps, and ensures all group members get a chance to share discussion points and provide feedback. This is an opportunity for companies to build trusted relationships across the NYSERDA community, increasing shared networks and gaining access to capital and clients.


There is no cost to participate and the EIR Program provides software that enables the groups to be led by the members.

How can I join a Peer Group?

This is a new initiative, not yet open to external applications. Be sure to keep an eye out here or on our CLN for the application to join, once it's ready! Or contact Emma Spector at to express your interest. 

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