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We have a variety of programming available to our stakeholders, including our annual Startup-Investor Showcase, as well as multiple webinar or "Skills Lab" series throughout the year. 

We also promote events from our many partner organizations and other ecosystem entities on our
Climate Leadership Network (CLN) events channel. 



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In 2022 we hosted our second annual Startup-Investor Showcase, featuring 1:1 meetings with investors, plus virtual networking to facilitate valuable connections with some of our investor-ready companies. Some key outcomes of this event include: 

330+ 1:1 Startup-Investor Meetings

61 Investors

53 Startups

We look forward to hosting this event again in 2023!  The event is invitation-only for investors and investor-ready startups participating in our program. If you are an investor or EIR client company who would like to attend this event, please contact us.

Grant Writing
Virtual Team Meeting


We host regular sessions to cover topics suggested by client companies and managers of startup support programs. The slides and recordings of the sessions are available to all current and past participants in any NYSERDA program. If you are a past participant in need of the materials, please click on the button below.

Announcements of upcoming sessions will be posted in the CLN events channel, and some of our previous series are listed below. 

Grant Writing

Fall 2020

  1. Federal Grants Overview and Finding Opportunities*

  2. Navigating Solicitations*

  3. Basics of Narrative and Budget*

    *Slide deck only

Investor Preparedness

Winter 2020-2021

  1. Investor and Process Overview*

  2. Term Sheets I: Convertible Notes*

  3. Term Sheets II: Convertible Preferred*

  4. Financial Modeling*

  5. Due Diligence Preparations

    *Slide deck only

Sales Preparedness

Summer 2021

  1. Basic Sales Techniques

  2. CRMs and Other Management Tools

  3. Complex Sales

  4. Additional Sales Tools

  5. Sales Recruiting and Compensation

Customer Discovery

Fall 2021

  1. What is Customer Discovery?

  2. Interview Best Practices

  3. Understanding and Avoiding Confirmation Bias

  4. Customer Discovery Tools

  5. Market Intelligence

Winning Investor Decks & Beyond

Spring 2022

  1. Preparing to Fundraise

  2. How Venture Capitalists Think

    • Workshop: How Venture Capitalists Think

  3. The Fundraising Deck

    • Workshop: The Fundraising Deck​

  4. Financials 101

  5. Financials 201

  6. Due Diligence

Human Resources

Winter 2022-2023

  1. Human Resources 101

  2. Human Resources 102

  3. Setting People Strategy Part 1

  4. Setting People Strategy Part 2

  5. Human Resources 201+

The Legal Path to Fundraising

Winter 2023

  1. Corporate Structure and Compliance

  2. Anatomy of an Agreement

  3. Preparing for Legal Due Diligence

Securing Pilots and Demos

Spring 2023

  1. Program Overview

  2. Pilots and Demos

  3. Utilities

  4. Regulations and Government

  5. Large Corporations


To stay up to date on the latest NYSERDA EIR and other ecosystem events, check out the #events channel of our CLN Slack Community!

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